Bryan Bryson, Principal Investigator

Picture of Bryan Bryson

Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Ph.D. Biological Engineering, MIT
Postdoctoral Researcher, Fortune Group, Harvard

Email: bryand[at]mit[dot]edu
Office: 56-787A
Phone: 6172587641

Lab Members

Josh Peters
Ph.D. student in Biological Engineering

Co-advised with Paul Blainey
Email: petersjm[at]mit[dot]edu

Josh investigates infection and macrophage state using single-cell sequencing and high-content imaging.

Sydney Solomon
Ph.D. student in Biological Engineering

Email: sydsol[at]mit[dot]edu

Sydney investigates bacterium:host protein interactions by developing novel proteomic tools.

Picture of Brian Hie

Brian Hie
Ph.D. student in Computer Science

Co-advised with Bonnie Berger
Email: brianhie[at]mit[dot]edu

Brian develops algorithms to understand biological variation within and between single-cell sequencing samples.

Cal Gunnarsson
Ph.D. student in Biological Engineering

Email: gunnars[at]mit[dot]edu

Cal is investigating the bactercidial mechanisms of host-directed therapies.

Owen Leddy
Ph.D. student in Biological Engineering
Co-advised with Forest White

Email: owenl[at]mit[dot]edu


Christopher Itoh
Visiting Scientist, HHMI Medical Research Fellow
Email: cyitoh[at]gmail[dot]com

Chris investigated macrophage state and plasticity. His focus is on the role of thioreodixin.

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