Picture of Bryan Bryson

Bryan Bryson, Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering, MIT 

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Ph.D. Biological Engineering, MIT
Postdoctoral Researcher, Fortune Group, Harvard

Office: 56-787A
Phone: 6172587641

Lab Members

Josh Peters
Graduate student

Sydney Solomon
Graduate student

Cal Gunnarsson
Graduate student

Bianca Lepe
Graduate student

Diana Gong
Graduate student

Owen Leddy
Graduate student

Ben Allsup
Graduate student

Christine Zheng
Graduate student

Akeem Ngomu
Postdoctoral fellow


Christopher Itoh
Visiting HHMI Fellow, 2017-2019
Medical student @ UCSD

Picture of Brian Hie

Brian Hie, PhD
Graduate student, 2017-2021
Postdoctoral fellow @ Stanford

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